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A true blue collar songsmith. Bouwman

writes and sings with a gritty honesty rarely seen these days. Be it with or without his band, Bouwman’s combination of heart-wrenching  lyrics, warm melodies, and a voice like the bottom 10 pipes on a church organ is sure to captivate you and make you feel.


His latest project "SUNDOG" (release date October 2019) is a heartfelt collection of songs about falling in and out of love, leaving home, and learning how to let go. Some of Edmonton's finest musicians joined Bouwman in the studio as "The Wild Roses":

Ryan Funk - Pedal Steel/Lead Guitar

Joe Nolan - Lead Guitar

Brennen Cameron - Keys

Nataya Nolan - Backup vocals

Harry Gregg - Bass

Geoffrey O'Brien - Drums

"Dennis is a sweet but gritty blue collar songwriter. His working hands picking the guitar, a deep and weathered voice, and heartfelt lyrics make him a true timeless talent in his craft.
Cut out of the back roads of farm country in Langley BC, Dennis has an authenticity that stands true to his form. After cutting his teeth in the big smoke for a time, Dennis felt a longing for a slower pace of life and has settled for the time being up in beautiful Powell River, B.C. The locals in Powell River may be lucky enough to cry in their beer to a heart breaker of Dennis’ but a sighting here in Vancouver has become a bit rare as of late."

-North Country Collective (2022)

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